Commissioned Sales Associate

Startup Services is passionate about helping others launch their startups. We're obsessed with entrepreneurship: whether you’re building the next cool application or opening a brick and mortar shop, you’re an entrepreneur and we want you to succeed. Technology is an essential part of any business, and Startup Services is ready to help.

We're a technical consulting and development firm for all sorts of entrepreneurs. For technical businesses, we build software, mvp's, demos, and help growing businesses scale applications and architecture. We have a deep bench of experienced, specialized developers that can handle whatever is thrown their way. For non-technical businesses, we take the frustration out of all things online. Whether a brick and mortar store, restaurant, private practice, or other, we build websites that fully integrate all social media with beautifully cohesive branding. We also monitor social media, market content, and make effective marketing campaigns based on data.

We are looking for one firecracker of a part-time sales associate. Because we are a tech company, being able to understand and explain the importance of online presence is a must. You don't need to have development experience or talk with tech lingo. Having a network in the startup community is an important (but not necessary) quality that we're looking for in candidates. However, the majority of our revenue comes from development projects--- we just need you to help us find more!

Because we are just starting out (we'll be a year old in a few months) we are only able to pay on commission, although it is a hefty commission. It's not that our services are hard to sell. In fact, they're easy to sell! We have a broad range of our services and a highly experienced, friendly team. However, we're a team of happy introverts, not closers. We're looking for our closer, and as we grow, we hope that person is ready to grow with us!

Please send your résumé and cover letter to [email protected].