Meet the Team

Because startups are best built by quirky people. 


Daniel Zacek

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits. He is known through the Boulder startup community for one big reason: his passion. That passion for startups began at just 15 years old, when he and his father launched their first startup. Learning the importance of creativity and risk taking in everyday life, he’s spent his life chasing his passions and believing in the necessity of that chase. The success of DPZ Systems allowed him to explore another of his passions, education. Daniel attended CU Boulder for nearly 10 years, with deep studies in Biology (MCD), Philosophy, Astrophysics, and Theatrical Design. Over the past 30 years, he’s built six startups, while acquiring a big handful of other random experiences. Daniel was a paramedic for 18 years, but he’s also been a park ranger, a wildland firefighter, and a scuba diver.  He is a certified pilot, has built his own house, and even trekked through the Himalayas. (Yeah, he’s that kind of guy.) Daniel’s diverse background has given him a leg up in the start-up world: He approaches problems with a solid understanding of a wide range of subjects, and then finds solutions by using his own knowledge and picking other experts’ brains.  When you spend your life constantly learning new, wildly diverse professions and hobbies, this approach becomes second nature. A sought after mentor, Daniel has worked with hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, at every age and level. A regular mentor for Catalyze CU, he was awarded Mentor of the Year in 2014 and 2017.  Daniel has mentored startups that have gone on to attend top accelerators, including Techstars, Boomtown, and Mergelane, and raise millions of dollars in investments.

Daniel lives in Boulder with his 10 year old daughter Zoey.


Callan miller

Callan's entrepreneurial journey began, as most do, by accident. On her way to becoming a professional flutist, an injury prevented her from playing for a semester, and she instead took a class in entrepreneurship in music, which led to her launching a startup of her own as part of the CU New Venture Challenge. The company, Gigsicians, would go on to win the Performing Arts track and take 3rd place in the championship. When not building startups, you can find her touring Europe with her flute or checking off 14ers throughout Colorado with her dog Wishbone. 


Past Entrepreneurs With Whom We've Worked: