Fractional CTO

The conventional wisdom in the startup world is that if you have a great idea, you also need a technical cofounder to make it happen. All too often, I see entrepreneurs stalled while looking for a technical cofounder, wasting valuable time that should be spent building their company. Just as disastrously, founders may mistake a code school graduate willing to work for equity as a technical cofounder. That might get some cheap code delivered, but the costs down the road are tremendous.

These days, we believe "tech" is a commodity service, just like accounting and legal services. You aren't going to recruit a lawyer as a cofounder, just to get some paperwork done. Why would you recruit a technical cofounder just to get some technology done?

Instead, smart founders are moving faster and jumping to the head of the line by hiring experts to provide the small amount of technical leadership most companies need, and outsourcing the commodity work at a much lower cost.

Until you're ready for a full-time CTO, Daniel can function as your technical cofounder. We offer a special package for startups for $768/mo which includes:

  • A one hour catch-up and planning meeting each week
  • Participation in your Slack channels
  • A discount for additional consulting hours ($128/hr)