Internet Basics

So many small business pay for technical resources without knowing what exactly they’re hiring for. If you’re going to hire people to do technical things for your business in an online world, you have to know the basics so you know if you’re getting your money’s worth. Join us as we discuss basic workings of domains, websites, blogs, social media, SEO, analytics.

Posting Effectively on Social Media

Social media: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Learn how to create the right content for each platform to best get your message across, the right formatting for each service, and which platforms to focus on for your business.

Marketing and Advertising to an Online World

Customers are walking past you staring at their phones. Learn how to reach them online and get them through the door “irl.” Join us as we discuss content curation and where to advertise.

Understanding Analytics

How to use hard data to improve your online presence in marketing and advertising

We’ll explain analytics in simple, non-technical language, and show you how to use it to test assumptions, stretch your marketing dollars, and refine your online funnels.

What it means to be “online”

Learn why you need a website, social media, and review sites, and how they all work together to grow your business. In addition, we discuss pricing: are you overpaying for services just because you don’t know tech language? Join us as we cover how to shop for tech services smartly.


Branding is not just about the name and the logo. These days, it’s about your story and how you tell it so that people connect with you. Know your story, tell it effectively, and watch your business grow. We will also discuss the importance of self branding vs. branding your business.

Visualizing Your Business Plan

Business plans are time consuming, outdated, and often unhelpful. Learn to visualize your business the way tech startups do, with the lean canvas. “Lean” methodologies help  you Identify your specialty niche within your field, identify competition and opportunities, and find the key to testing and proving your business idea quickly and inexpensively.

Debunking SEO

SEO is no longer something you can just “do” to a website., it’s a result of the ongoing way you manage your online presence. Unfortunately, most people selling SEO services are selling snake oil you don’t need. We’ll show you how to create the content that your customers are actually searching for, and how to use that to improve your search ranking.